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Rajesh Bollapragada

2522,Apt 103
Avent Ferry Road
NC - 27606
Email :


Looking for summer intership/Co-op full-time.

Aspire to be system design engineer specializing in the field of VLSI and signal processor architecture.

Projects undertaken in the undergraduate level

1. Final Year : " Path Finder"

Description : Developed a sliding robot to move in the direction of maximum light and to evade obstacles. We used IR sensors to detect obstacles and LDR to sense to intensity of light. Other sensor that was incorporated was proximity sensor. It has one disadvantage still that it does not detect transparent obstacles. We tried using ultrasound for motion detectors but were not successful.

2. M/s Envirotech Pvt. Ltd.

In- plant training in trouble-shooting microprocessor based wind-monitoring equipments.

Key contribution : Programmed a 16-channel A/D card using C to sense the temperature from six different sources on a chimney and display the lapse rate in the atmosphere.

3.      My fields of interest are VLSI, DSP and computer communications. I would be specializing in VLSI and in its applications towards Digital signal processor architecture and networks in my masters. I have supplemented my undergraduate study with some projects such as DTMF, Image compression, tone generation using function approximation, networking programming in C, Java.
I have sound knowledge in assembling stand alone systems and setting up small Ethernet based networks running on Windows 95/98 and NT.
Also worked with ADSP - 2105 for developing tone generator using function approximation and generated echo using filters. Progammed using Assembly language and C.


1. Govt. College Of Engineering , Salem India  1997 - 2001

Affiliated to Madras University

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication

Secured an aggregate of 80% and stand in the top 3 ranks of the college.

Some of the relevant courses in under-graduate level

 Digital Signal processing, Statistical theory and Communication, Probability and Random Process, Antennas and Wave propagation, Communication Engineering, Digital Systems, Microprocessor and its applications, Linear Integrated Circuits, Computer Communication, Circuit switching systems, Analog modulation and systems.

2. North Carolina State University - Raleigh 2001-

Graduate level courses

First semester - VLSI system design, Random Process, Telecomm. network design, Computer networks.

Propose to take up

Digital ASIC design, DSP architecture, Computer design and technology, ASIC verification, Internet protocols, High speed networks, Performance modelling, Project management.
Embedded systems design

Projects in first semester :

4-bit slice microprocessor - layout and design

statistical modelling of data - ftp and file compression

Connection oriented network simulation

Software Knowledge

* Operating Systems

Windows 95/98, Linux

* Programming languages

Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Assembly, Java

HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, VBScript

* Software

MS Office, Mat Lab, Foxpro


Visual Studio


Oracle, Dbase

Papers submitted

* "DMA transfer for CDROM drives" : (Conceptual level) To improve performance and increase the transfer rates of CDROM drives using DMA method of accessing.

* "Microprocessor based engine control" : (Model) Simple design of a microprocessor based engine control on various parameters such as load, speed and temperature.

* "Image enhancement and restoration using Mat Lab" - Simple algorithms such as histogram equalization, edge detection, Low and High pass filters etc were implemented using Mat Lab.

Extra - curricular activities

* Completed "Honors Diploma in Software maintenance and development" at NIIT, India.

* Obtained Diploma in "Computer Hardware Fundamentals" from MICROCODE, India.

* Obtained Diploma in "Advanced chip level trouble shooting of PCS" from MIRCOCODE, India.

* Actively participated in English Literary Association in the under graduate level.